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Open Counter Strike: Global Offensive Server?

Back with the site to ask for opinions from everyone, of every platform that is associated with us. What do you guys think of us ponying up for a new server, this time for CS:GO? I’m thinking the game is popular enough where we should have enough people joining our server daily, but the cost will run us up a few extra bucks per month. There is a poll in our private community page on Steam if you are there. If not, do message any administrators on PSN or Xbox Live, or just contact me here.

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MOG Servers: Battlefield 1

We are so excited for the release of BF1 (it is one of four or five that we play here at, that we are opening a couple of servers for the public to play on starting in the coming days. The number of servers is still in the air and is completely dependent on how much funding we get to spend, but we are anticipating probably three or four servers total, with at least one designated as our private member server.

As always, our server information will not be posted on our website or our Twitter, considering those are public domains and we do not want bots leeching out our server names and passwords. So join us on our private Steam group, or add us as friends or join our PSN/XBL groups. We filter people out, but we let the majority of you in if you have a friend that is already in it or you message us privately.

Here is to some fun World War 1 battles on our servers, just like we have had on BF4, CS: Source and Global Offensive, and the Call of Duty games (Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered coming soon!)


Original Modern Warfare Throwback Gameplay

I decided that since we are going to be playing the Modern Warfare remaster more than Infinite Warfare, at least for the first couple of weeks, that it would be good to post some old gameplay of Call of Duty 4. The game is absolutely legendary. Everything about it was tight and fun, and kept me excited throughout. I have been playing for over 1200 hours on the game, so my dedication to that franchise is real. 🙂

On some side notes, look how dated the graphics are. I mean it still looks really nice, but just see the future in which this game gets remastered and everything looks crisp again. Also, not much has changed in terms of gunplay, even though the game is years and years old, I’ll admit that much. But the additions in past Call of Duty games still make each iteration fresh and interesting.
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Modern Warfare Remaster

We will be playing the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remaster!

Going back to the news of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remaster being included in the Legacy Edition of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, we decided that we will be engaging in that game. Our main focus was initially to gear up for Infinite Warfare, and we will still do that. But with Modern Warfare, one of our favorite games from Infinity Ward of all time, is being redefined for this generation of consoles, which means updated textures and maybe even new features or maps for us to delve into. We couldn’t resist. Our preorder already went up and we have started practicing on the original Modern Warfare game.

We restarted a server on the PC platform with Modern Warfare. If you are in any of our social groups or the Steam private group, you should have received a notification on the details for that server. Currently, it is only 24 players, so slots will be limited. Still, we are practicing hard so we can scrimmage against other teams once the game does launch.

On that note, Mods on Gaming is also prepping for the Infinite Warfare launch. We will not abandon that game even though a cooler, more interesting game will reside alongside it. I know a lot of clans will be all over Infinite Warfare so I can’t let my group get too far behind on the latest COD game, especially since we have a ton of those games under our belt.

Garrys mod community event for mods on gaming

Community Event: Roleplay

Jeez, it has been a long time since the MOG crew ran one of these, but here we are announcing the next community event! We will be doing roleplay. I know, I know. It sounds weird. But trust us, it is pretty fun. Some of you may even have noticed some of us wondering around in the public servers messing around. That is the fun we will be sharing.

We rented a server in Garry’s Mod. We usually do not venture out to games we don’t play, but Garry’s Mod seems like the perfect game to hold a roleplay server and have a fun community event. After the community event is done, the server will be deleted. It is just a temporary server for us to host this event and have fun with all of you!

What we will do

We are going to have some files for you to download, available soon at our Steam community page (friend me or any of the other members, or ask your friends that are currently in the Private group to join; we will accept new requests). Those files are going to be avatars, 20 or so of them to be exact. In this community event, you all will be playing as Mama Goose’s, where all of you are the mother of some fictional geese and have to play “Prop Hunt” on GMod. You will hunt for the missing eggs and whoever gets the most wins will get a cool little prize from us at Mods On Gaming.

The crew will also be doing some other roleplay things that they won’t let me know yet. It will all be fun and games, though, so I am excited. I love having fun with the community and you guys have seriously given us a ton of joy over the last months. Just seeing all of you in-game, whether it is on something serious like Battlefield or CS: Go fun scrimmages or something more entertaining like a prop hunt or a fun little roleplay joke session, is so rewarding after practicing hard.

Sound interesting? Be sure to follow us around our online properties like Twitter (sidebar), Steam, and the console networks.

GTA 5 Furious 7 game modification

GTA V PC Mods: Furious 7 Cars!

PC Mods is a subsection of MOG that I plan on integrating to the entire site soon. I want to highlight some of the better or more interesting PC mods for games that we come across. The gaming market is constantly updated with community mods so we are always trying to find which ones are unique. This time around we are looking at GTA V mods, specifically the Furious 7 cars mod.

I found it while looking at a GTA V mod database. It was one of the newer ones so I figured why not install it and try it out. This was after I watched Fast & Furious 6, so you can tell why I was inspired 😛 Anyway, I thought the idea of having the movie cars and being able to drive around Los Santos in one of those sexy machines would be so exciting. Plus, included in the mod is an accelerator graphic which makes it even more fun since the standard base Grand Theft Auto PC game does not have a meter.

There are so many cars to choose from. There are the plain street racing cars that have the nitros, awesome paint jobs, and sleek styles. Then there are standard muscle cars, ranging from the bulkier modern ones to slimmer, classic-style muscle cars that still have the thing on top of the hood at the front. There are also straight racing cars from the movie, which I think are really cool.

I love the accent of the game. GTA does a great job implementing mods and the graphics is so modern that many community creations are applicable. I love the open worldness of the game and the realistic nature, just because a lot more game modifications are able to apply here. You can play as movie characters, you can have racing cars like with the Furious 7 modification, or even be Superman. It all makes sense, compared to something like a Skyrim mod where Superman + dragons don’t really blend.

I am rambling a little but here is a great video of TypicalGamer going through the mod. Watch out, it’s an hour long, but he is a really funny dude. I would upload my own gameplay but I just do not have the time, given MOG’s practice and scrimmage schedules to work on my craft as a YouTuber.


Community Event: MOG Servers Publicized

We will be hosting another Community Event for all of you fans of MOG and all of clan vs. clan gaming. There are around 650+ fans out there on my friends lists for PSN, XBL, and Steam and all of you have shown great interest in this website and the community.

So this Saturday (5.21.2016), we will be opening up one of our private servers and inviting you all to join. You get to play and chat with our own MOG clan members, ask questions, try to beat us in the game, and we will also be challenging some of you to score battles (accumulate more score than us and we will give out small bonuses to server subscribers).

How it will work:

On the 21st of this month, at 3PM PST, one of our servers will open up to the public. Keep in mind, we have at least 5 (up to 8) different servers in each of the games we play. If you aren’t familiar with those games, we mentioned them here and here. Most of those servers are public and open for you uninitiated MOG community members to join. However, some of those are private and only for members that are integrated within our actual clan. Those servers are reserved for us to scrimmage one another, practice, or match up against other real gaming clans.

There will be trolling rounds too!

There will be trolling rounds too!

So on 3PM PST on that date, we will open up one of our private servers. Yes, the ones we practice in. All of our clan members, or some lucky community member that got a shoe-in in case one of our members were not able to make it, will be attending the community event. We will be ready to answer questions, have fun, and hold challenges. As for which game will actually be played, that has yet to be decided. You can contact us and let us know which ones you’d love to play as a community with us. We don’t mind, as long as it is one of our designated games.

Also, to know which IP address will be the server, we will be posting on our private PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam group. That is kept private so no other clan members, bots, or spam people pick it up and take slots that could be going to all of you awesome people. Keep a tab on that, as we will be posting on it a day or so before the actual community event.

For more information or updates on the event, be sure to follow our Twitter. @ModsOnGaming

Hope to see you there. #MOGGaming.

MOG on Counter Strike against Scrolld Playas

Matchup 1 Results

Last week, we held a major scrimmage against Scroll’d Playas, a group based in Washington. The match was intended to have multiple rounds, many in each of the major games we play: Call of Duty Black Ops III and Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 4, and Counter Strike: Source and Global Offensive.

With at least three rounds in each of those games, we calculated our wins and losses. Each game gets a specific amount of rounds, and whoever gets the most rounds won in that particular game gets the win for the game. The most games won is the team that won the matchup.

In case we play an even amount of games and each team wins the same amount of games, the tiebreaker would be how many total rounds we play. So in this case, we played 3 rounds of Black Ops III, 3 rounds of MW3, 4 rounds of Battlefield 4, 3 rounds of CS: Source, and 6 rounds of CS: Global Offensive. For a grand total of 19 rounds, in case we got a tiebreaker, we would total up whoever won the most rounds. Since we always play an odd number of rounds (club rules), there would always be a winner.

Against SP, though, we didn’t need the tiebreaker because we played an odd amount of games (five: 2 Call of Duty’s, 1 Battlefield, and 2 Counter Strike). We won four of the five games total for a dominant victory against a team that has previously won against some of our other opponents.


  • Black Ops III was an easy win, as we took all three rounds.
  • Modern Warfare 3 was after our BO3 game, but we didn’t reach the same dominance. Still, we won that game for a complete COD sweep.
  • Battlefield 4 was tough. With four rounds played, we only won half of them.
  • Counter Strike: Source was the one game we lost out of all five of them.
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive was our bounceback victory after taking the loss in Source. We felt more comfortable with GO since it was the game we had been practicing on mostly the past weeks.
Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4: Assault vs Recon – Plus Terrain Tips

An awesome user from our community just sent me a video that he did on Battlefield 4. I am not shy to promote some of your content if you guys send them to me, but I will only do so for Mods On Gaming members. We love you all 🙂

There are some helpful tips in here too that I haven’t heard before, especially the bits on terrain. People overlook this kind of stuff and it is refreshing to see new strategies on a game that is still evolving years after launch.

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Restarting Server 3 – MOG Gaming

Hey all, Tyrese the Admin here. As you may have noticed, MOG’s website has been rebooted. Although everyone that are on the website should already know what and who we are, I advise anyone that wound up here to check out the About site. You will learn more about yours truly and this group we have kept strong for years.

We will announce a lot of server posts like this as well as anything really going on in MOG. I am the sole writer here but I will do my due diligence in informing everyone having to do with Mods On Gaming with what is going on.

For our relaunch, we are rebooting Server 3. All of you should be aware of our servers and where we game on. Currently that server is on 3, but other outside gamers that are not actually part of the MOG clan should be able to play on any one of our many servers within the different games. We will be scrimmaging against another team called Scroll’d Playas at 4PM PST tomorrow afternoon (April 30, 2016). All players are to report to our group chat at least 30 minutes beforehand and to the lobby 15 minutes before round start. Everyone is expected to play, but again if you unable to make it, message me on my account ASAP. Outsiders that want to sign up for our daily “replacement” sheet (in case a team member drops out last minute), can do so in our Contact Page or if you have me added on PSN, Steam, or Xbox Live, can reach me there too.